Excavating and moving earth

Never settle, dig deeper with Thompson & Underwood

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Our Services

We are privately owned company who provides wide range of groundwork services.


Excavating foundations or underground parking garages is our daily job.

Earth moving

As long as you don't ask to move mountains we can do your requests.


Share your plans, ideas and we will help you. The sky is the limit.

Dump truck services

Our fleet can deliver any type of soil and materials. Every year we deliver thousands of cubic meters.

Our Work

We offer a broad selection of quality services provided by seasoned professionals. Regardless of the specialty contracting needs you hire us for, we’ll complete your project safely and efficiently.

We are expert in this field for almost 20 years.

Egos have no place at Thompson & Underwood. We expect everyone on our team to dig in with a leadership mentality. That means being willing to jump in, take ownership, and get mud on our boots — especially when times get challenging.

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Never settle, dig deeper order our services

Our Clients Say

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“What impressed me most about Thompson & Underwood was their commitment to safety. They adhered to all safety protocols and took extra precautions to ensure that their work site was safe and secure at all times.”

Andrew, Stevens & Partners

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“Their team of skilled workers arrived on time and worked diligently to ensure that the job was completed on schedule. They were meticulous in their attention to detail, and I could tell that they took great pride in their work.”

Jonathan, Greenbuilding Co.

Team Milestones

Thompson & Underwood would be nothing without the constant dedication and relentless work ethic of our amazing people. We love celebrating our people’s accomplishments and enjoy sharing their stories. Take a look at this month's work anniversaries!

Meet some of our team members